Nokia Marks Arrival in Smartphone Market With Nokia 6

nokia 6

Where there is a will there is a way! You must have heard or read this popular English phrase a thousand times in your childhood. Nokia has used this phrase to pave its way back in the mobile market after its earlier phones started failing to win users because of competitors like Samsung, Apple INC., Xiaomi and Sony etc.

But Wait a minute! What did you think? That’s it for Nokia in the global mobile market? Perhaps you are in the habit of judging a book by its cover. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The last couple of years have been very difficult for the company. However, the company did not say die here. Nokia has now stepped into the smartphone market with its own Android based smartphone.

Yes! Nokia has Come Back with Nokia 6:

The Nokia mobile phone production team had been playing with the idea of producing an Android based smartphone for users for a long time. Nokia, a leading mobile phone maker in the past, has come back into the mobile phone market with Nokia 6 Android phone on 19th January 2017.

The company has Worked Hard:

Nokia has taken a lot time to develop the Nokia 6 to get established among the best in the business. However, the company does not seem to be in the mood for taking any risk this time. This is why the company has worked hard on making the Nokia 6 strong enough on the performance front for its users.

Specifications of Nokia 6:

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Nokia’s First Android Based Mid-Range Tablet Is Coming Soon

Nokia D1C

Nokia D1C

Nokia is all set to come back into the cellphone/tablet manufacturing game. It has been ages since mobile phone lovers have heard anything from Nokia, the Finnish brand. Nokia successfully dominated the mobile space for many years like no other brand in the market and quietly took a long break from the competition. Meanwhile, the torch was successfully carried forward by the likes of modern-day smartphone giants like Samsung, Apple and other brands that joined the market to cash in on the smartphone craze.

The company has recently been spotted on one of the famous benchmarking websites called Geekbench, with the news that Nokia is once again all set to come back with its first ever tablet called the Nokia D 1 C.

Specifications of NOKIA D 1 C  

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Nokia Returning to Mobile Space with Nokia C1 Android Smartphone

Nokia C1
Nokia C1

Finally, it seems as if Nokia is all set to hit the mobile space once again. The company has confirmed this news via a press release. The long wait of ages is over. Nokia is likely to launch its very first smartphone in the form of the Nokia C1. This smartphone is Nokia’s expensive investment on Android technology to restore its reputation in the mobile space.

There have been plenty of rumors making the rounds on the internet about this amazing smartphone of Nokia for some time. Honestly, selfie freaks and movie lovers are going to fall in love with this phone. The Nokia C1 is expected to impress smartphone lovers with a bigger display, improved memory, and processing speed. Additionally, the company is going to launch the Nokia C1 in the market with plenty of more technically superior features and specifications in two different variants.

Looking at the Specifications, Nokia Is Coming Back Very Strong in the Game. 

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