Microsoft Surface Phone: A Mini Super Computer to be Launched in 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone
Microsoft Surface Phone

The Cat Fight Is Getting Interesting:

The entire smartphone market has seriously reached the next level of cut-throat competition. Thanks to the introduction of path breaking features in smartphones by all of the major smartphone makers in the world.  All of the major smartphone makers are fast moving up the ladder of technical innovation every day.

One such technology giant is Microsoft. The world of the internet is full of rumors about Microsoft’s plan to release the “Microsoft Surface Phone”. This super smartphone is Microsoft’s strategic move to take the competition in the global mobile space to the next level and regaining its market reputation.

The Microsoft Surface Smartphone is expected to operate on the Windows 10 operating system for all of those technology lovers. It will be kind of a portable mini super computer in the hands of users. Microsoft, one of the leading search engine giants in the world, is expecting the Microsoft Surface Smartphone to break all of the sales barriers set by companies like Apple, Samsung and HTC etc.

It is truly not going to be smooth sailing for the company, especially when Apple, Samsung, HTC and many other established companies are planning to hit the market hard with their own smartphones. However, it can be possible. How?  Let’s find out below!

Its Specifications Make it a Mobile-Computer in Your Hands:

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