Microsoft Surface Phone: A Mini Super Computer to be Launched in 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone
Microsoft Surface Phone

The Cat Fight Is Getting Interesting:

The entire smartphone market has seriously reached the next level of cut-throat competition. Thanks to the introduction of path breaking features in smartphones by all of the major smartphone makers in the world.  All of the major smartphone makers are fast moving up the ladder of technical innovation every day.

One such technology giant is Microsoft. The world of the internet is full of rumors about Microsoft’s plan to release the “Microsoft Surface Phone”. This super smartphone is Microsoft’s strategic move to take the competition in the global mobile space to the next level and regaining its market reputation.

The Microsoft Surface Smartphone is expected to operate on the Windows 10 operating system for all of those technology lovers. It will be kind of a portable mini super computer in the hands of users. Microsoft, one of the leading search engine giants in the world, is expecting the Microsoft Surface Smartphone to break all of the sales barriers set by companies like Apple, Samsung and HTC etc.

It is truly not going to be smooth sailing for the company, especially when Apple, Samsung, HTC and many other established companies are planning to hit the market hard with their own smartphones. However, it can be possible. How?  Let’s find out below!

Its Specifications Make it a Mobile-Computer in Your Hands:

There are plenty of rumors regarding the release date, features and specifications, floating around the web. Most of the rumors are very well in line with all of the previous leaks. Coming to its release date, all of the smartphone lovers have no choice but to wait for the announcement of this technical extravaganza but, it is expected to be in the market early in 2017.

Talking about the features of the Microsoft Surface Smartphone, this smartphone will seriously present tough competition to all of its industry rivals. Let’s take a good look at some of its impressive specifications that you will not be able to resist:

  • The next-gen Snapdragon 830 processor
  • Intel Atom X3 Processor for its high end variant ( Still to be confirmed)
  • Confirmed incorporation of SD830
  • Availability in 3 different variants with 3, 6, or 8GB RAM
  • 32/128/500GB expandable internal memory
  • High quality front camera
  • 20 MP circular rear camera module
  • 5.5-inch Screen size AMOLED with a Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixel) resolution
  • Windows 10 operating System
  • Availability of card slots is yet to be confirmed.
  • Battery power and life are also still to be confirmed.

Looking at the specifications, it is clear that the company is planning to set a new sales record in the mobile space. All three of its variants will support different RAM and storage capacity. As for camera setups, they will also be totally different.

These Rumored Features will Help it Break All the Sales Barriers:

Microsoft’s previous Surface phone proved to be a huge success in the space of smartphones. The company is all set to repeat that history once again. Apple iPhones are currently ruling the market and the release of Samsung’s new smartphones will not make the going any easier for Microsoft. Industry users are eagerly waiting to get this phone in their hands to determine the success or failure of this mini super computer. Its features will play an important role in its market performance. Let’s take a look at some of its notable features:

  • Fast responsive screen of 5.5. inches
  • Connectivity to keep you connected with the world.
  • Ultimate camera quality
  • Increased RAM
  • Increased Memory

Let’s see how these features, rumored to be incorporated in the phone, are likely to take your user experience to the next level of pleasure and exceed your expectations like no other smartphone available in the market.

  1. Fast, Responsive and Solid Screen of 5.5. Inches:

If you love your smartphone to do everything fast and just with a swipe of your finger then you will want to wait for Microsoft’s Surface phone. Its 5.5-inch screen size gives it the status of a kind of mini cinema in your hands. Watch any video or movie you love the most just like you are watching it in a cinema hall. The bigger screen size makes it very easy for you to enjoy reading your favorite books or anything you like to read. Most importantly, it allows the phone to get converted into a kind of mini laptop that supports Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixel) screen resolution. All in all, there isn’t much that a computer/laptop can do which this phone cannot. You will love each and every aspect of its screen’s performance. The company has installed a clear black gorilla glass for protecting its screen from any damage.

  1. Connectivity to Keep You Connected with the World:

Do you wish to talk to all of your family members, friends while you are on the go? Are you worried about submitting an important document or a business presentation to your boss while you are out of the office? Don’t worry! This smartphone allows you to get connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and usual internet options like other phones. However, the incorporation of many other features including Bluetooth is yet to be confirmed by the Microsoft.

  1. Ultimate Camera Quality:

Camera quality truly adds to its user experience. You will be able to relish every single moment of your life by clearly capturing the moment in digital brilliance. You just need to click a photo and you will see the difference. Its 20 MP lifelike rear camera quality will turn your special moments into very special memories of your life. The phone also has a front camera to help you click selfies. As for the rest of its camera features, you will have to wait for Microsoft’s announcement it’s release.

  1. Increased RAM:

This Surface phone by Microsoft will mainly be known for its availability in three different variants. All of its three versions have different capacity of RAM. Its high end variant will support 8 GB RAM. Coming to its second option, the phone will be capable of supporting 6 GB RAM. Surface’s third variant will provide only 4 GB RAM. The company has increased its RAM to help users experience a lightning fast user interface and browsing like never before.

  1. Increased Memory:

While companies like Samsung are busy talking about introducing a maximum of 6 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage, Microsoft is all set for redefining the limits of RAM and Internal storage. While 8 GB Ram is already rumored to be incorporated in the phone, its 500 GB (Rumored) expandable internal storage increases user’s expectations about its performance multiple times.

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