Is The Galaxy S6 Edge Worth The Hype?

galaxy s6

Though Samsung launched two galaxy S6 models, the spotlight was on the curvy and attention seeking, S6 Edge. So, does the design really hold up in the real world?

Undoubtedly, S6 Edge and its additional counterparts are quite fresh after a few years of Samsung smartphones held back by unimaginative designs. The body is well built with metal and glass that feels good to hold. The camera snaps sharp pictures even in low light. Moreover, this phone is the first with a fingerprint reader. It’s a lightweight and cohesive phone that makes you feel it was designed to work well altogether.

The battery life might seem a little less than ideal as it makes a typical day of emailing, Instagram and Twitter but is weak by nightfall. All it took was just 30 minutes of web browsing and streaming music to reach 15% of the battery remaining. However, the fast charger is quick enough for you to get a power top-up before you rush out of the door.

Still, all that glitters is not gold. The curves that are present don’t leave much space on the sides to hold the phone and is considered a nuisance. Getting a solid grip on the phone is quite a challenging task and if not carefully held, it may slip out of your hands. On top of that, the risk of dropping the phone is quite high where the sides are likely to shatter irrespective of how strong the glass is. Also, the new software feature that is meant to use the curve isn’t useful.

If you already own a Galaxy S5, it might be best to hold off a little while rather than upgrading to S6. Though the camera, sensor touch, and battery that it offers is undoubtedly a step up, there isn’t anything essential you might need until your S5 starts to chug. S6 is somehow appealing to the irrational, impulsive side of the brain as it catches your eye, making you smile.