Nokia Lumia 1520: Windows Phone Goes Big

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If you like big Smartphones, Nokia has got a dream device for you. Nokia’s latest flagship phone, Nokia Lumia 1520 is the most powerful windows phone to date. This 6 inch device is company’s first phablet that features the windows phone support for light and high resolution displays.

Be creative, productive and entertained with Nokia Lumia 1520

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is a great fit for entertainment like games, movies, casual photography, and especially for productivity. This Smartphone offers a large 6’’ HD 1080p display and crisp pictures with super sensitive touch screen that lets users type using their fingernails or while wearing gloves. Plus, Nokia Lumia 1520 glance screen shows time and phone settings even when it is locked or asleep.

This Smartphone (Phablet) lets you:

  1. Play games and watch movies on the 6’’ HD 1080p display

  2. Capture amazing pictures with the 20 mega pixel camera even in dim light.

  3. View and edit MS Office documents while on the go.

  4. Keep browsing even longer with its 3400 mAh battery.

  5. Entertain yourself with Mobile TV, Xbox games, Hulu Plus, and more.

  6. Like Apple, Android, download your favourite app from the window store.

Sleek Design

When it comes to the design, Nokia sticks to what works – A polycarbonate, unibody design with smooth and curved edges available in yellow, white, black, and glossy red. The rear part of the phone looks exactly same as that of the Lumina 925, with the camera lens slightly protruding out.

Should I buy it?

A blend of Smartphone and Tablet, Nokia Lumia 1520 is an excellent multimedia device. Watching movies, playing games or browsing the web is a joyful experience on it. It is a drool worthy phone and is a good buy.

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