Feel Light with Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

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Sony’s latest slate, the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact is a nice smart device if you have a penchant for owning light-weighing gadgets. Now, when you hear the name, do not make judgments on its size based on the moniker. Beware that Sony refers to the 8-inch tablet as compact to merely classify it from its two erstwhile 10.1-inch devices. The company has so far lived up to the consumers’ expectations of the quality of its premium product and gladly continues to do so. The two smartphones that make up the remaining Z3 family have taken people by surprise and satisfied. Sony’s latest tablet is next in that legacy of good quality devices. With elegant looks and powerful features, the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact has many feathers in its hat to keep you interested.

To start with, the body has a thin and light design with an amazingly beautiful display. With such aesthetic presentation, it does not lag behind in performance. The device is quick with its functions and has a long battery life. Although it’s expensive when compared to flagship tablets available in the market that have similar sizes, the strong and useful features justify the pricing. For those looking to utilize the camera of their tablet devices, the Tablet Compact may not be a delightful experience.

Sony has previously experimented with many off-beat designs, but now it tends to take a clear no-nonsense approach. The Tablet Compact has an intentional, square profile, rounding slightly only on the corners and sides. While some might feel that the device looks boring because of it, there are others who regard it as stylishly simple.

All said and done, Sony’s Z3 Tablet Compact is a well-designed and well-constructed device. It is thin and light to rest in your hands and has a noteworthy display. Its brisk performance and long battery life make it quite a promising device to buy. Although the price of the piece makes one hesitate to make the purchase because there are other lighter tablets which do not cost that much, the Tablet Compact is certainly a good choice and an owner’s delight.



Sony Xperia Z3 Compact–Offering Great Stuff in a Small Package


In the recent few years, many of the major smartphone players have resorted to introducing mini versions of their best-selling, high-end devices with an aim to satisfy those who still crave a smaller device. While the race has not been easy for these smartphone manufacturing giants as it’s difficult to include the high-end specs in a smaller chassis. Yet, Sony has managed to take things in stride by preserving as many high-end features as possible in its smaller devices. Its recent innovation in this domain is the new Xperia Z3 Compact (Z3C), which flaunts the best of the 5.2-inch Z3 into a 4.6-inch body, and is basically everything you could want in a smaller smartphone.

At a glance, the Z3C might not appear to be the most convenient device to carry. For starters, there’s a thin, sharp rim around the two glass panels on either side of the curved border, and the corners of the device are only slightly curved. Additionally, the back panel offers minimal grip because of the slick glass used. The phone is relatively small at 127 x 64.9 x 8.6mm (5 x 2.56 x 0.34 inches) and slightly heavier for a phone of this size, at 129g (4.55 ounces); yet its weight has no negative impact on its handling. Overall, it can be said that the phone will be received well by the audience. There’s undoubtedly a huge demand for big-screen devices, but with the Z1 Compact and newer Z3 Compact, Sony’s continuing to cater to those who want a smaller handset without giving up high-end specs.

The Xperia Z3 Compact includes an elegant design, a (mostly) good camera, strong computing power and spectacular battery life. Although the phone does not promise a great shooting experience because of its poor low-light camera, it settles the scores well with its high-end specs. Some of the best features of this small device are that it holds on for quite a while with its incredible battery life. With its top-tier performance and flagship design, the phone offers a smooth user experience and a build quality that is no different than the flagship model it imitates. All in all, the handset is reduced in size, but not capability.

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Treading a New Path: The Xperia Z3v

Xperia Z3v

Sony’s latest handset, the Xperia Z3v, is a new age gadget that’s beaming with innovation. The smartphone is a waterproof device, something that is very difficult to offer in smartphones. Next, it can capture 4K video and plays high-resolution audio. And if you’re still looking for more, the device can even stream games from your PlayStation 4. With these unusual but much needed features, the phone has added to the telling technological bundle for the company’s latest flagship phone, a variant of the Xperia Z3. Sony Xperia Z3v is exclusive to Verizon in the U.S. and costs $199 with a two-year contract.

The great news for PlayStation owners is that the phone’s PS4 Remote Play adds an extra layer of convenience. It is able to stream gameplay from a PS4 console in real time. It does so with the optional mount costing $59.99 that fits onto a standard PlayStation controller

If you are a photography enthusiast, you will be glad to use this smartphone as it can shoot videos at 4K resolution, providing for a sharp and clean viewing experience. Equipped with a storage capacity of 32GB, you don’t need to bother yourself with the space the 4k resolution videos will grab. If need be, you can extend the storage up to 128GB using a microSD card.

With an impressive 20 megapixels, the rear camera has matched the pixel count of a good digital camera, making it redundant. The phone’s camera also comes with a bag of tricks to use the camera in the most creative ways. Playing high-res audio is definitely something that most phones can’t do, which makes this phone unique. It’s also equipped with digital noise cancellation technology.

Although this superb handset is available with only one carrier, which automatically limits its reach, it surely gives you a lot for your buck.

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