Apple’s IPhone 8 Design Details Leaked Accidentally

Iphone 8

Apple is likely to mark its 10th anniversary in the domain of smartphones with the iPhone 8. Apple Inc. has been making its best efforts to make this moment very special. A lot has been said by a lot of companies and news channels on the internet about the specifications of Apple’s iPhone 8.

Last week, the details of Apple’s iPhone 8 got leaked accidentally. That really turned out to be huge news for Apple’s iPhone lovers. Following are the leaked specs of iPhone 8:

  • Integration of fingerprint reader
  • No Touch ID
  • Face ID
  • A11 Incoming
  • New design
  • Innovative touch sensors
  • Augmented reality
  • Face scanning

According to more reports making the rounds on the internet in this regard, this list of specifications of Apple’s iPhone 8 is just the tip of the whole iceberg. Now more news in this regard has really taken the whole internet world by storm.

The design on Apple’s much awaited iPhone 8 has been confirmed through another massive leak. This is being considered the final design of the Apple iPhone 8. Let’s take a good look at the leaked design of Apple’s iPhone 8 below:

Apple 8

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So far, we have talked enough about its specs in detail. Now it is time to go through the key features of the Apple iPhone 8’s stunning design:

Large screen:

The screen of the iPhone 8 is definitely going to be larger than the screen of the iPhone 7. However, it is still likely to be small as compared to the screen of the iPhone 7 Plus. This is really going to be amazing for iPhone lovers who want to take their video viewing experience to a whole new level.

Personality similar to Samsung Galaxy S8:

This is one of the main features of the Apple IPhone 8’s design. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 got a lot of users because of its massive screen size that really made it easy for users to operate with just a single hand. Seeing this, perhaps Apple Inc. also seems to have decided to make the most of this feature. This will make it very easy for users to use with just one hand.

5.8 Inch Edge-to-Edge Display:

This is what will make the Apple IPhone 8 look like never before. The placement of the top bezel and front facing camera and sensors will be open to dispute. The notch in the iPhone 8 will play a huge role to make a straight vertical image around the top bezel while you will be viewing your favorite video. The credit goes to the innovative design of Apple iPhone 8.

Placement of Dual Cameras:

Are you an augmented reality lover? If yes, then you will surely fall in love with the design of the iPhone 8. It’s totally new design allowed Apple to place dual cameras vertically to help you relish augmented reality.

Final Words:

A lot has already been spoken and written by a lot of people and websites about the Apple iPhone 8. Finally, there is something that users can believe in. Thanks to the leaked details of the Apple iPhone 8’s features, specs and design.

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Apple IPhone 8 Details Leaked: Everything You Need to Know About it

Iphone 8It has hardly been a year since Apple INC. launched the iPhone 7. IPhone lovers started talking about the design and features of IPhone 8 soon after. Apple is one of the largest smartphone makers in the world. All iPhones have been very popular in every part of the world. Now the Apple IPhone 8 is soon likely to take the smartphone market by storm with its radical design and features that no one was aware of until now.

However, things now seem to be changing. The IPhone 8 details leak has given you a great chance to get a feel of its overall personality. Here is everything you would like to know about the Apple IPhone 8, the biggest gamble of Apple INC.

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Apple Planning to Launch iPhone 8 Plus in 2017

Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 8

Apple launched the iPhone 7 with a lot of expectations. Users did not get anything new in Apple’s iPhone 6. Therefore, it was important for Apple INC. to come up with new features in the iPhone7.  However, users still did not get anything worth noting in the iPhone 7, at least that’s what most of the users think. Many of the specifications and features of Apple’s iPhone 7 were very much similar to the features and specifications of Apple’s iPhone 6, 6S and 5.

Despite the lack of new specifications, Apple’s iPhone 7 got off to a flying start in the market. iPhone 7 accounted for nearly 43% of all Q3 iPhone sales. It is almost up by 10%, taking its sales figures to the highest of 2016 so far. But Q4 is turning out to be topsy-turvy for the company. The sales of Apple’s iPhone 7 seems to be falling with every passing day.

Specifications of Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Now the company seems to be planning to restore its lost market share and global reputation with the iPhone 8 Plus in the coming year. The following specifications will be the highlight of Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus.


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Apple iPhone 7, The King of Mobile Space, Finally Hits the Market With New Specs and Features

iPhone 7
iPhone 7

After months of rumors, the Apple iPhone 7 has finally arrived in the market. As expected, the smartphone giant, Apple INC. released it on 7th September 2016. The Apple iPhone 7 is yet another single button technological revolution in the world of smartphones. With its technically easy to use innovative and superior features and specifications, Apple INC. has once again successfully lived up to its market reputation of developing simple but very beautiful user experiences.

A recent Apple iPhone 7 launch event was a great chance for all of the rumor mongers to be satisfied as most of their predictions have turned out to be true. The latest Apple iPhone has some very exciting features and specifications. However, the phone will no longer be available in 16GB and 64GB models. Instead, the company has released a new 256 GB model. This definitely gives users the ability to store a good number of files in their phone.

Apple iPhone 7 is totally waterproof and without a headphone socket. This is merely the icing on the cake. You must read below to know more about its specification and technical features.


iPhone 7 has clearly introduced several upgrades on the technical front. Most of these upgrades are something that users were suggesting for a while. The absence of a headphone jack seems to be a kind of an odd move done by the company but, they have their reasons. The rumor is that the earphone jack was removed to reach their goal of making the device waterproof.

Apple iPhone 7 has a great personality in its glossy Jet black variant. Here are some of the most important things you would like to be familiar with:

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The iPhone 5s- Replicated or Revised?

iPhone 5s revised

As with the older models released by Apple, the ‘S’ version has swept its loyal customers by feet yet again with its iPhone 5s phone. Although the model simply replicates its ancestors in the look and feel, it certainly has a number of improvements to boast of on the inside.

The iPhone 5s has an A7 chip that offers fast performance and 64-bit support. Its Touch ID works as well as it is advertised on the television. The global LTE support has also added another feather to the handset’s hat as a performance accelerating mechanism. With eight megapixels, the camera in this model is great and generates high quality pictures for the users.

Although one finds it easy to dismiss this handset as iterative, the 5s is the first smartphone with full 64-bit support and a capacitive fingerprint sensor, and it also ships with a fresh, revamped version of iOS. This might not matter to folks who were satisfied with the status quo, but does make a difference to Apple as well as to the company’s legacy. More so, if the company wants to avert an increasingly fierce group of competitors, it has to continually provide something fresh and unique, which is also in line with the set standards of iPhone handsets. Whether investing in a “forward-thinking” phone today is worth it or not is for time to tell.

The iPhone 5s is an evolution of the iPhone 5, and is certainly not a necessary commodity to own. However, it definitely brings in new technologies that will soon set a standard on all of Apple’s devices. For those who cannot hold their curiosity levels, be assured that buying an iPhone will never let you down. But our observation is that while most consumers will be glad to keep using the 5c model, the 5s is better-suited for gamers and power users.

Apple’s iOS 8 Finally Arrives Beaming with New Features

Apple iOS 8

The eighth release of Apple’s awaited mobile operating system, iOS 8, was finally announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014. Adding new aspects, iOS 8 is indeed beaming with a plethora of new features as well as the enhanced old ones to provide a better user experience. Below are some highlights of the amazing features of this platform.

  • Interactive Notifications: Notifications in this version permit the user to respond to texts without leaving an app already in use.
  • Health Hub: The biggest new addition in iOS 8 is this app that collects your health and fitness data. Not only this, the health data will also pour in from external accessories, like Nike’s armbands etc.
  • Multitasking View: The new multitasking view shows a list running apps, recently called numbers as well as frequent contacts.
  • QuickType: QuickType, which is used for predictive typing will suggest whole phrases, based on what you have typed, and not only your word choices. Additionally, iOS 8 allows installation of third-party keyboards.
  • Family Sharing: The feature called Family Sharing has made it possible to create a family group of up to six with individual Apple IDs that can share a single set of iTunes media, App Store content and more.
  • Siri: In iOS 8, the always-on Siri features the Shazam song recognition service and flaunts streaming voice recognition and 22 new dictation languages.
  • Photos App: The Photos app now offers even more options to edit photos. The so-called Smart Editing has become richer, easier, and will now sync edited photos across devices.

Developers got their hands on iOS 8 earlier but users with compatible iDevices had to wait until September 17th to upgrade to the next iteration of Apple’s mobile platform. Make sure your apps take advantage of all the great new features in iOS 8, which is now available to hundreds of millions of customers around the world as a free download.

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Apple’s iPhone 6 Coming This Fall

“You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.” ~ Steve Jobs

Apple's iPhone 6

Over the last few years, Apple’s iPhone line of smartphones have changed the face of communication, entertainment, and more. No other smartphone in the market possesses such features that could beat the iPhone. Some of the significant features and functions of the iPhone make it a preferred device throughout the globe. Its usability, battery power, smooth features, display, and design keep it in the front row. Apple fans, here’s a good reason to get excited: Apple is planning to unwrap its new Smartphone ‘iPhone 6’ with smart new features this fall. So, what are the unique features that we can expect from it? Let’s take a quick look.

Now-a-days, many technology lovers prefer to buy smartphones that have a gaming console. So, following the gaming trend, Apple’s next-generation Smartphone, the iPhone 6, is coming with 3D sensors for gaming – the rumors says. This upcoming Smartphone will have a curved, larger display as well as very sensitive sensors.

Capture your precious moments

iPhone 6 cameraFor the iPhone 6, Apple is said to be installing a new “middle-mount open-loop voice coil motor” to control its camera. Unlike iPhone 5s, it will have image sensors, automatic image stabilization, and dual-flash LEDs for improved color effects. In terms of sensor resolution, KGI Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo  believes that the phone will use an 8 megapixel sensor, similar to the existing one for the iPhone 5S.

Design and battery

iPhone 6 new battery

The iPhone 6 is going to take its design features from the iPod Nano and the iPhone 5C. This new handset is said to have a battery of between 1,800mAh and 1,900mAh.

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