Nokia Lumia 830: The New Mid-Range Device

Nokia Lumia 830With an attempt to bring the metal frame and PureView camera branding of high-end Lumias down to the mid-range smartphone price level, the Lumia 830 with the freshly minted Microsoft Mobile is a smartphone priced at $100 with a two-year contract on AT&T ($450 contract-free). Although, such moves by big mobile companies run the risk of sending the wrong message when trying to lower the price. Whether Microsoft shaved too many corners off of the 830’s aluminum body is something time will tell. Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek into the good and bad about the phone.

The quad-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor and 1GB of RAM powering the Lumia 830 seems to be an intentional move towards making the phone mid-range, but its general performance doesn’t leave too much to be desired. Apps launch and close swiftly, and general navigation around the Windows Phone 8.1 UI is fluid and bumble-free. Browsing mobile web pages is easy and smooth, with a tad bit of tiling when zooming in and out of desktop sites.

As far as the design is concerned, the ports and buttons are located in the typical Lumia style. The phone mostly sticks to the standard layout seen on many a Lumia we have seen in the past few years. The volume rocker lies to the right edge near the top whereas the power key is located right in the middle with the camera key toward the bottom. The headphone jack sits front and center along the top edge along with the micro-USB port up there as well (which is different from past phones). The Lumia 830 achieves a nice balance with its premium aluminum frame and mid-range internals. Those looking for a solid camera experience at this price range should take a good look. Unlike the 5MP front shooter on the lower-tier Lumia 735/730, the 0.9MP unit in the Lumia 830 phone is strictly average. It’s fine for quick snaps and Skype, but does not extend its reach beyond that.

All in all, The Lumia 830 has got the high-end looks and a capable camera of flagship-level phones, combined with the fair performance and display resolution of mid-range and budget models.

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Nokia Lumia 930 – Simply the Best Smartphone

Though the acquisition is still pending, the giant technology firm, Nokia, went ahead and brought out a new handheld device – Nokia Lumia 930. This is a fantastic Windows phone that comes with a number of top features, which are not present in its predecessors. It appears that Nokia wants to stay ahead in Smartphone competition and strives to dominate the world of communication. That’s why they work to surprise you with new devices.

Nokia Lumia 930, the new international version of the Lumia Icon, features a 5-inch full HD display and a 20 Megapixel Pureview camera with a Zeiss lens. Among the other features that allows this camera to steal the show, not only does it have optical image stabilization, but the phone also ships with a creative studio app that’ll allow you to add Instagram-style filters to your snapshots.

The Lumia 930 comes with pentaband LTE, Quad band HSPA+ and Quad-band GSM, so you should be able to get fast speeds nearly anywhere you go. In addition to this, it will be available in four colors: white, black, bright orange, and bright green. “We have built this international version of the Icon for absolute speed and performance,” said Microsoft’s Stephen Elop. The handset will go on sale globally, beginning in Europe and will sell for about $599.

Finally, the Nokia 930 takes the Lumia Icon and resolves a lot of user’s concerns. It is now available for international users and is not limited to one specific carrier. For more information, visit

Nokia Finally Unveiled Its Flagship Windows Phone – “The Lumia 1020”

Many people expected the new smartphone, “The Lumina 1020” to arrive last year, but Nokia decided to launch the Lumina 920. After a flurry of rumors, Nokia finally unveiled the highly awaited smartphone, Nokia Lumina 1020. Nokia tried its best to keep this device as thin as possible, and it is significantly lighter than Lumina 920. Technically, the Lumina 1020 has the best camera performance over other Smartphones.

Unmatched pictures and videos

The Lumina 1020 takes pictures and videos that no other smartphone can match with a 41-megapixel sensor and an amazing high-resolution zoom. The camera is the big attraction because 41-megapixel f/2.2 sensor uses a technique called oversampling that combines 7 pixels into 1 super pixel, to create 5-megapixel images that hold the details of a 41-megapixel image.


  • Display size: 4.5inch
  • Touch screen technology: Super-sensitive touch
  • Main camera sensor: 41 MP, PureView
  • Flash type: Xenon flash
  • Maximum music playback time: 53.0Hour(s)
  • Processor name: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4
  • Processor type: Dual-core 1.5 Ghz

A more practical feature is how the images implement the zoom. If you zoom in on your subject to take a photo, the entire (non-zoomed) photo still appears, letting you access it at any point and re-frame the photo afterward. For more information visit