Are you a Keyboard Lover? QWERTY Comes to BlackBerry 10!

In the modern age of touchscreen technology such as iPhone and the iPad, are keyboards still relevant? The answer could prove essential to its future. BlackBerry Q10 is a smartphone with a physical key board that people can buy today! Q10 is a stunning piece of hardware with state of the art smartphone technology, which the keyboard connects with in such very important ways. Every keyboard lover will definitely enjoy and take advantage of the BlackBerry Q10.

The design of the BB Q10 looks exactly like a classic BlackBerry, but more convenient and smooth to use. If we talk about older BB mobile phones, they worked well as a phone but quite frustrating when trying to run apps, surf the internet, etc.


The Q10’s square-shaped screen measures 3.1 inches diagonal with 720 x 720 resolution, giving it a pixel density of 328 pixels per inch (ppi), or roughly the same as the iPhone 5. The screen is an AMOLED display, BlackBerry’s first, though I didn’t find its brightness or contrast to be that impressive. It’s certainly a capable screen, but an iPhone 4S is more astonishing at maximum brightness. So was the Z10. On the inside, the Q10 packs a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage (which you can augment with a microSD card), radios for dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and near-field communication, and 4G LTE connectivity — basically, the exact same capabilities as the Z10. It’s good to see BlackBerry didn’t scrimp. This phone is as much a flagship as its full-screen brother. For more information visit

BB Q10 is as good as BlackBerry’s old Curve models. It also brings back the ability to get extreme in your alert customizations. The first time you boot the device, this new model Q10 shows you how to gesture. It’s pretty basic.

Sony’s Xperia Z – Teasing our Patience

Sony- One of the biggest names in the electronics industry is steadily but swiftly re-establishing itself in this rapidly evolving smartphone age. They were facing imminent danger of becoming irrelevant after manufacturing archaic phones with obsolete hardware. However, Sony recently staged a strong comeback with conviction by announcing their latest addition to the Smartphone family (Sony’s Xperia Z ) at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January.

This new Phone is now being highly anticipated by the people. Xperia Z stands tall over all the phones in its competition with an upgraded operating system, Android 4.1 Jelly bean. Xperia Z is one of the first Sony Smartphones to have the latest Android OS on board. People are growing impatient just to have a look at this new innovation.

An interesting feature of the Sony Xperia Z is that it’s actually a rugged phone. The handset is IP57 certified with the 5 meaning that it’s protected against dust, and 7 meaning that you can immerse it in up to 3 feet / 1 meter of water, for up to about 30 minutes. Such rugged features are usually reserved for lower-class, niche type of Smartphones, but we’re glad that Sony is trying to shake things up here by making its top Smartphone that much more resistant to the forces of nature. For more information visit

Some of its basic features are:

OS – Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Sony’s customized skin.

Cellular network – LTE-ready

Display – 5-inch full HD with a screen resolution of 1920×1080 and Sony’s Bravia Mobile Engine 2

1.5GHz Quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro with Adreno 320 GPU

Storage – 16GB internal memory with MicroSD slots

A 13.1 megapixel rear camera with ExmorRS sensor and has a Front-facing 2.2 megapixel camera.

The biggest achievement from Sony’s perspective is that this phone is a technological phenomenon and it is surely going to send a big message to its competitors. Consumers will still have to wait patiently as the launch date for the phone in the U.S.A is still not finalized, but is rumored to be in the first week of March. So, happy waiting to all.

Blackberry Z10 – The Elite

Blackberry is back with a bang! The brand that once only targeted the business elites and hard core professionals is now back to capture the young generation with its newest innovation in the smartphone era. Although it still intends to serve its old client base and professional class, Blackberry’s OS 10 is radical and has super fast processing speed. The new operating system has a slight learning curve, but is relatively easy. The look is elegant and sophisticated with sharp features. Matching up to all the basic software of today’s generation, Blackberry Z10 promises to impress with a sleek design, extra crisp display, great social network integration and some amazing signature tools and applications for business users.

The BlackBerry Z10 starts winning you over in the very first second with its novel way of coming out of sleep mode. Instead of pressing one of the (very few) physical buttons, you simply slide your finger up from the bottom of the screen. The phone’s lock screen then lights up, but it doesn’t stop there: The phone will show you the unlocked screen but, only up to the point where your finger is, rather like a curtain rising. For more information, visit

Some features of BB Z10:

  • Extra crisp and clear display with a resolution of 1280 x768.
  • A sleek and elite design with quality hardware.
  • Blackberry Hub – a single place to store all your important Emails, tweets, Facebook updates, text messages, notifications etc.
  • Super fast 1.5GHz dual – core Qualcomm snapdragon processor with 2GB ram.
  • An elite 8 megapixel rear camera with time shift mode.
  • Blackberry Balance – completely different profiles for professional and domestic use

Blackberry Z10, has now finally stepped into the Smartphone race and has all the essential features to give tough competition to its rival companies. The simplicity in the design and its new innovation in the BB OS-10 make it a great phone to have. With all of these new innovations, we can surely say that Blackberry has finally arrived in this new era.

Blackberry Curve 9315 Sparkled by RIM & T-Mobile

A Canadian multinational company RIM and T-Mobile have recently announced the Blackberry Curve 9315, a QWERTY smartphone with the best features of 3G connectivity. RIM and T-Mobile telecommunication companies are best known for its line of Blackberry devices and striking designs. This new device, Curve 9315, possesses a 320×240 screen, 3.2 megapixel camera with LED (light emitting diode) flash, 512 MB RAM, all other important features like WI-FI, FM radio, etc.

Know more about Blackberry Curve 9315 and its Price

The Curve 9315 is essentially just an updated version of the Curve 9310, which was launched in July 2012 and is RIM’s low-end phone. To see it rebranded for T-Mobile and introduced at this price on contract, hitting shelves a week before the Blackberry 10 OS is officially unveiled is baffling. BB10 is set to debut officially at a launch event January 30, taking place at a number of different locations worldwide. Reports and rumors suggest that the first phones using that operating system could go on sale shortly after that, possibly as early as February if not before. The Curve 9315 is being marketed as a low-cost device, and in fact “the most affordable BlackBerry smartphone” on T-Mobile’s network, but it will still come with a $49.99 “out-of-pocket down payment,” followed by 20 equal monthly payments of $10 and require that customers sign up for a 2-year special value agreement on T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan. For more information, visit

RIM and T-Mobile both keep their efforts for Blackberry Curve 9315 by keeping complete focus on the enterprise market and security, manageability. This innovative device becomes available for T-mobile business customers from Jan 16th 2013, and more importantly enjoying general availability at the wireless carrier initiating from 23rd Jan 2013.