Samsung Galaxy Note7 Edge Replacement Units Also Fail on Performance Front

Samsung Galaxy Note7

Samsung, an established leader in the global smartphone market, has recently recalled its Galaxy Note7 Edge smartphone from the market. The company seems to have taken this step to improve customer’s smartphone experience after a lot of customers have complained about the Samsung Galaxy Note7 Edge’s battery explosion while charging.  This is not a good time for the company at all!

“Rethink what a smartphone can do” This is the slogan of Samsung for its Galaxy Note7 Edge Smartphone. After facing battery explosion issues related to the phone, a lot of customers must be realizing what a smartphone actually can do.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Edge on Fire:

The company had launched their Samsung Galaxy Note7 Edge with a lot of lip smacking features and specifications to keep its hold on the global smartphone market. The South Korean Smartphone Giant seems to be struggling to maintain its strong hold on the global smartphone market thanks to the Samsung Galaxy note7 Edge’s battery explosion issue. This will certainly be good for Samsung’s market competitors like Apple INC. etc.  This issue has certainly affected the company’s performance in the global smartphone market at a large scale.

Global Recall:

Since battery explosion has become the premiere feature and specification focus of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 Edge, the company has opted for a global recall for the device. Apart from this, the company also promised to provide replacement units. According to Samsung, safety will surely be the specification of focus in the replacement units. According to the figures, the company recalled more than 1 million Galaxy Note7 Edge units in United States alone.

Media Reports on Replacement Units:

The problem does not seem to be ending for Samsung. If the latest South Korean Media Reports by YTN (a South Korean News Channel) are to be trusted, some South Korean Galaxy Note7 Edge users are facing some new and strange problems with their replacement units. This problem is also related to the battery feature of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Edge smartphone. As per Wall Street, a lot of replacement units are consistently overheating and losing a considerable amount of battery power while they are plugged in for charging, say some South Korean customers. This is certainly affecting Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 Edge’s battery and overall performance significantly.

More Problems:

Battery explosion of Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 Edge is not the only issue that customers are facing. A number of consumers have reported that they have bought their Samsung Galaxy Note7 Edge phones from the company’s US website. Therefore, their Samsung Galaxy Note7 Edge smartphones are not being replaced by the company and are simply eligible for refunds, complain customers.

Samsung Says:

The company has still not revealed any facts and figures about the number of cases registered for any such problems being faced by customers. These problems are not related to the battery and its performance by any means. These problems are related to the production of this smartphone at a very large scale. Moreover, the company is monitoring the whole situation very carefully and closely.


Samsung seems to be struggling to maintain its global reputation and customer base because of the failure of Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 Edge on the performance front. The phone has not been able to meet the Battery life expectations of its customers. Moreover, Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 Edge’s replacement units being provided to customers are also having battery issues of their own. It’s high time for the company to improve its customer experience with its smartphone before customers seriously start thinking “What a Smartphone Can Do”!

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