Now Everyone Can Have a Cell Phone!

Owing to the fact that the world has gone mobile, there is no doubt that everyone today needs a cell phone for a normal functioning of life. Whether you are in college or working or a homemaker, you need a cell phone at all times. As a student or a teenager, you need to be in constant touch with your friends as to what they are doing. As a housewife, you need to know where your husband is and convey him messages throughout the day. No matter who you are, where you are and what you do, you do need a cell phone in order to call yourself connected. The only problem here is that it is not easy for each one of us to own a cell phone. The prices of everything are skyrocketing and affording a cell phone might not be very easy.

However, there is now a free cellular phone service available from many providers made possible from the government. This enables us to apply for a free government assisted cell phone. This cell phone comes with the basic facilities of making local and long distance calls, sending and receiving text messages, accessing voicemail, 911 and directory assistance. Normally, the free minutes are fixed for a month and can range from 60-250, depending on the state.

Applying for this free government cell phone plan is very easy. You just have to find a service provider online. You need to then go through the terms and conditions that are applicable in your state. The rules for the free government cell phones is governed by the Lifeline program. To be able to apply for the program, you need to be participating in any a government assistance program already or have a household income at or below 135% of the federal poverty level. In addition, only one member from a family can apply for the Lifeline program and they have you will have to submit proof of your eligibility in order to receive the Lifeline benefit.


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