How to Get Your Free Government Assisted Cell Phone

The free government cell phone service is a great option for people who cannot easily afford a cell phone. There is no doubt about the fact that a mobile phone today is a necessity for each one of us. We need a cell phone to constantly stay in touch with our friends and families. Nevertheless, for many of us a mobile phone is nothing but an extra bill to be paid at the end of the month. However, there is now a program from the federal government which has made it easier for everyone to have a cell phone.
The Lifeline program governs the free cellular phone service. Lifeline is a federal program that aims at making cell phones available to all. The program is available all throughout the country. The terms, conditions, and qualifications for the program vary slightly from state to state. A few qualifications are federally mandated and uniform. Only one person from a family can take the benefit of the Lifeline program. Presenting false evidence or more than one family member taking the benefit will eliminate you from the program and you can be prosecuted. In addition, a family cannot take the Lifeline services from more than one service provider and, Lifeline is a non-transferable benefit.
To apply for the free government assisted cell phone, you just have to look online for a service provider. Normally, a service provider would deliver you the free cell phone. This cell phone comes with the basic facilities of making local and long distance calls, sending and receiving text messages, accessing 911, directory assistance, voice-mail etc. The number of free minutes may range from 60-250, depending on the state. The applicant must be participating in any of the government assistance programs to be able to apply. The main thing is to look for is the terms and conditions and the free minutes available in your respective state.

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