Is Google X Phone Proven To Be Shatter Proof ?

Rumors are out of a new gadget from Google that will be much more durable that other phones currently on the market. Referred to as “Google X”, this device is believed to be a flexible phone which could prove to be more resistant to breaking as a result of accidental drops.

CEO Larry Page himself points towards an ultra-durable Google phone. In a lengthy interview, he strongly suggested that device sturdiness was of strong interest to Google. There is a lot of space for innovation in hardware. Today’s phones have screens made of glass which is susceptible to shattering when dropped to the floor. Ten years from now, things could be completely different. Rumors suggest other features might be on broad such as extra-long battery life. Battery technology has only recently progressed, and somewhat moderately. A big advancement is likely years away.

The Google X phone is expected to be something advanced enough to go head-to-head with the Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 5. A new scattering of reports on the X-Phone have emerged, and at least one of them targets the device for a May 2013 launch. According to a forum thread spotted by Droid Life, the X-Phone will be introduced at the Google I/O conference this spring, and unveiled in July. Google has not yet acknowledged the existence of an X-Phone. Google has stressed that it inherited a 12 to 18 month “product pipeline” of existing handsets from Motorola – once those 12 to 18 months are through (this spring, roughly speaking), Google will presumably be freed up to experiment with a new generation of devices. For more information visit

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