Cell Phone – “Channels of Communication”

Over the last few years, cell phones, or also called mobile phones, have changed the way people live. Without a cell phone, it is difficult to imagine how you would get through your day. In today’s time, a lot of business is done over cell phones. You can even browse the internet on your personal cell phones while roaming here and there on the streets.

We are well aware of the fact that the cost of almost everything has risen in the past few years and it is not easy for everyone to afford to buy a cell phone. If your kids or parents are alone at home, and you are working far away from home, you can contact them in case of an emergency or just to ask them if they are OK.  You can even order food from a restaurant and not bother to go outside. From a cell phone, you can place an order on your way home ant your meal will be waiting for you when you get home.

Understanding the reliance on communications, the government introduced Lifeline which helps provide those in need a free cell phone program. It is now available for the residents of Louisiana, Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Washington, Rhode Island, Nevada, Iowa, Texas, West Virginia and other states of the country.

Anyone among you who is considered low income and applies for this government cell phone service is eligible to receive free cell phone minutes along with basic facilities like making local and long distance calls, receiving and sending text messages, voicemail, etc.
The Lifeline program gives applicants a discount on basic telephone service, making it less expensive for low-income working families. Throughout the country, the eligibility criteria are almost same with a few minor changes in certain states. To apply for this free cellular phone services, the applicant has to be eligible.

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