Moto G4 Plus Secrets Revealed: Fingerprint Reader & Redesigned Rear Camera

Moto G4 Plus
Moto G4 Plus

Lots of speculation, rumors and leaks about the Moto G4 Plus are ruling the web world again. In the initial video leaks, a black color handset was spotted while the latest leaks are showing off an excellent white color Moto G4. Well, we all got the color hints from these video leaks, but the leaked images don’t give much detail about the features of this phone. Though the leaked images and videos give a glimpse of a home button, sensor and camera, nothing is confirmed about other features, price and availability of this phone.

Motorola Mobility, acquired by the Lenovo family in 2014, has not officially announced the launch of any 2016 flagship models so far. And the 2016 Moto G could also be the first smartphone to feature ‘Moto by Lenovo’ branding. This Chinese Android smartphone announced its plan to drop the name “Motorola” and do the branding with ‘Moto by Lenovo’ instead.

Even the name G4 is confusing people as there has been no official confirmation. The name Moto G4 Plus hit the headlines when the phone tipster Evan Blass @evleaks shared an image on Twitter claiming to show the first look of the Moto G4 Plus, which is actually undergoing the testing phase at Merchandise Mart. The image posted by Evan does not show the entire handset clearly but it just shows the home button which is likely to integrate the fingerprint reader. No confirmation is received on whether the fingerprint scanner is a standalone sensor or integrated into the home button, this feature seems quite similar to Galaxy handsets.

While nothing is confirmed on the launch date as well, the leaked images and videos on the web have ignited the rumors and the ‘Moto’ news all around. The last we’ve heard from this brand was about Moto X3. Motorola’s 2016 Moto G4 Plus is likely to arrive soon, as some are predicting it to be launched in the month of May. But the rumors hint that this new flagship smartphone for 2016 will be the first to feature a fingerprint scanner.

Though we still don’t know about specs, the video reveals that the device will have a larger display as compared to the 3rd Gen Moto G shown in the video. Well, Lenovo has earlier shared that all future Moto devices will have big screens, larger than 5.5 inches in fact. The Moto G 4 Plus will have a micro-USB port and an active display for pushing notifications.

Few other hints across the web regarding the features and specifications of this Moto G4 Plus device have been received. The device is rumored to feature a 5.5 inch capacitive touchscreen. Moto G4 Plus is predicted to be stocked with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow version of the operating system. The device may feature a 16 MP rear facing camera with a micro SD card slot and an internal storage space of 16 GB. The color hints are that black and white are already shown in the videos shared across the web. So, as far as color of Moto G4 Plus is concerned you will get at least two options, black and white to choose from. We are holding out hope that more will be available by the launch.

Summary: We leave you guessing about this Moto G4 Plus of what it may look like, the camera feature, and if it has something special for selfie crazy folks or not. The price, availability and most importantly the launch date. Keep guessing till the moment we bring you a little refresher on that. Till then, keep guessing and expect it to enter into the market soon.