Enjoy The New Features of Apple iPhone5!

Whenever Apple releases the latest versions of iPhone, it becomes an exciting and alluring moment for all the iPhone lovers throughout the world. No other mobile in the market possesses such features that could beat iPhone5. Its usability, features, and quality keeps its image unique and outstanding. The iPhone5 is the lightest phone to have ever been launched by the Apple and is presently one of the best-featured smartphones in today’s competitive world. It not only looks good and classy but also offers advanced features and functionalists for all iPhone lovers.
While Apple has been reluctant in the past to radically alter its smartphone, the new iPhone 5 has several significant design changes. The new phone is longer and the screen is now a 4-inch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio that is good for watching movies. The phone is also lighter and thinner. For more information visit http://nyti.ms/SInJ3l.

Features of iPhone5 :

  • Striking grid of static icons
  • Charging possible without wire
  • Smooth and feather-like touch screen
  • LCD Screen with fastest refresh rate
  • Good resistance from scratches
  • Facebook integration with no disruption
  • In built 8 mega pixel camera
  • Video face identification (10 faces at one time)
  • Possibility to increase RAM from 512MB to 1GB
  • Best and extended battery life
  • Optimal voice reorganization
  • High speed data network

The iPhone5 now has all-new looks, light in weight, slim body, and is on the fastest network. It has a larger and brighter screen as well as improved camera and speakers. When we talk of iPhone5 software, it boasts an improved email app, improved virtual assistance, optimal social networking integration, and passbook app.