Are You Waiting for New Creations by Apple in 2013

Every year Apple announces its grand inventions which keep it at the top of technology achievers. Whether we talk about the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, or iPod, all have their important places in the life of Apple lovers. An analyst with KGI Securities, Kuo, recently published a research report forecasting what new products will be announced by Apple in the coming months. The new devices include an improved iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone. No one of us can expect anything less. “More inventions raise more expectations.”
Kuo predicts even better components for the new Apple lineup. According to him, iPhone 5S will be a high-end model with improved specs throughout. The iPhone 5S will have an A7 processor for faster speed and better power management. The iPad and iPad Mini will be updated too. The full-sized iPad will make important improvements in both size and weight.

Know more of Kuo’s exact predictions

Kuo expects that Apple will introduce both an iPhone 5S and a revamped iPhone 5 around June or July of this year, with the iPhone 5S appearing very similar to the current iPhone 5 but carrying a number of upgrades including an A7 system-on-a-chip for better performance, a fingerprint sensor, and camera improvements such as an f2.0 aperture and a smart LED flash. He also believes that the lower-cost iPhone will in many ways simply be an iPhone 5 repackaged into a slightly thicker (8.2 mm vs. the current 7.6 mm) plastic enclosure available in six colors. For more information visit