AOptix – The First Biometric Scanning Tool for iPhone

Smartphones are the most acclaimed communication devices among the types of mobile phone. The bulk of smartphones nowadays let users access entertainment in various channels, be it audio or video. In other ways, smartphones have an individual potential to play digital music and video with only with few clicks on the keypad. The popularity of smartphones is growing rapidly, and because of functionality, it provides a new method for accessing the internet.

A new tool has been introduced for iPhone lovers – Biometric Scanning Tool

A California based tech company AOptix recently launched a tool that converts a regular iPhone into an intrepid biometrics-scanning tool. This wrap-around device turns your smartphone device (iPhone) into a portable iris, face, fingerprint and most importantly, voice scanner.

The hardware and software system, the first of its kind for the iPhone, is called AOptix Stratus, which comprises both the iOS app — which will cost $199 — and a wrap around device for an iPhone 4 or 4S. The app uses the iPhone camera to snap pictures of faces and record voices, while there’s an extra camera that does iris scanning and a small sensor to scan fingerprints. AOptix will also release a software development kit to its customers so they can customize the app to their own needs. In February, the Department of Defense paid AOptix $3 million to develop an enhanced solution using the tool, which launches today. The idea behind this system is to make biometrics recognition easier and mobile. Think of a border protection agency that could use iris recognition at an airport’s customs checkpoint, or a police or law enforcement agency that needs to verify identities on the go and can’t afford large, cumbersome hardware to do so.

Countries like India, where national ID programs are running to give every citizen a unique number somewhat linked to the biometric tool, could also be the target customers for making their services faster and hassle-free.