Who’s the Best Wireless Service Provider in the U.S.?

In the latest survey conducted by the Consumer Reports annual cell phone service ratings, Verizon has come up in first place once again, followed by T-mobile in second, Sprint in third and AT&T last. Verizon has clearly captured the largest market in the U.S. The survey was made under certain conditions, such as voice connectivity and reach ability. Verizon simply won the race with ease. It also dominated in providing the best data service quality, customer support and resolution of issues.

AT&T got the last spot but its 4G LTE network was rated the best out of all the carriers. People especially liked the high-speed service, being used in the latest Smartphones. It is being said that the company is going to spend large amounts of money to upgrade its existing network. They are planning to construct an additional 2,100 cell towers to remedy the inconsistent coverage. These upgrades are estimated to be finished by the end of 2013.

Verizon has however, maintained its dominance in the U.S. market by sheer force and quality service. Still, it’s been found out during another survey that Phone owners are not ready to let go of their old wireless service providers, i.e. AT&T. It’s good news for AT&T that they have such a dedicated following using the iPhone. Their partnership with iPhone has really paid off during these times of change. With Verizon and other competitors evolving at a tremendous rate, it has become important for AT&T to catch up to be in the race for the U.S. best wireless service provider.