Meet FreedomPop’s new Privacy Phone “Snowden Phone”

Last year, many phone companies caught our attention by unveiling privacy smartphones to overcome the risk of data hacking. For those who are concerned about their calls and data privacy, FreedomPop, a company that sells free wireless and internet service is launching a phone, dubbed the “Snowden phone”. This ultra-secure phone secures your voice calls and data with 128-bit encryption. It also provides VPN for anonymous web browsing. The phone is actually a Samsung Galaxy S2 that FreedomPop experts rejiggered into a call and data-encrypting device. Its built-in virtual private network lets you surf the web anonymously.

Snowden phone packs a dual-core 1.2 GHz Samsung Exynos processor, 16 GB of storage and an 8-mega pixel camera. The most important thing to remember is that it includes free calls and texts. Data is free too, but limited to 50 MB/month and lasts only three months. After that, it’s $10 – a month. It’s almost clear now that the so-called Snowden Phone is intended as a supplementary device for when a user wants to secure his/her data and voice calls in a trouble-free way.

According to FreedomPop CEO, Steven Stokols, the intention is to bring private options to people at affordable prices. He acknowledges that the phone could be used to help criminals since it’s not traceable, but their intentions are clear.

In case you use a privacy phone to call landlines, there’s no guarantee of protection. FreedomPop claims the phone prevents third parties from eavesdropping on your communications, protects from malware and bypass restrictions on websites.

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