iPad Hassle-Free Remote Desktop Apps

In the App Store, remote desktop apps are considered to be a very popular category. If looking for hassle-free set up, check out the ones I’ve listed below, which are all free and can connect to your desktop computer with the least amount of hassles.

Team Viewer: This does a solid job of connecting a responsive interface with your desktop. It also contains various signature features which are designed to appeal your business such as communication using VOIP, video, chat, and teleconferencing, file transfer and remote printing, and support for firewalls and routers.

:  PocketCloud is a remote desktop that lets you sign in with a Google account which eliminates having to go through the highly infuriating process of creating another online account. This app will take some time to download the desktop components but is worth the wait. You can access your files, pictures, applications, and games remotely on any device you have like a PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

Splashtop: It’s the most recognizable name when it comes to remote connectivity. You can view and edit files remotely without downloading them, operate your applications from the remote device, stream your music or videos, and play your games.

LogMeIn: offers a hassle-free path to connecting your computer remotely. There’s a robust file storage system that allows for copying and sharing folders and files among computers or other connected devices. The interface allows you to drag and drop multiple documents or folders and move them where you wish among your devices. Additionally, LogMeIn has a Pro service that’s tiered to connecting up to 25 computers or tablets within a company. Prices begin at $69.95 per device, but drops as low as $39.96 depending on how many devices you connect. For more information, Visit http://bit.ly/17AFk4p

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