HTC One – The New Flagship Smartphone

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer has made a brave effort to introduce the HTC One’s new flagship Smartphone just ahead of Mobile World Congress which is going to take place in Barcelona, Spain on 25th Feb 2013. This came as a big surprise to the impatiently waiting consumers when they were introduced to this new handset at two simultaneous press events in New York and in London.

The new HTC One is heavily loaded with first-class features and technology and includes the latest processing chip from Qualcomm. Apart from the latest technology, the handset’s aluminum build is exquisite and breathtaking. Another thing to notice is the front facing stereo speakers, especially designed to enhance your music and movie experience. It has Google’s latest OS, Android Jelly Bean. It also flaunts a magnificent looking 4.7-inch HD screen.

HTC One’s new features:

An ultra-pixel camera – With just a 4 megapixel resolution, the focus remains on the new image sensor system that claims to capture 300 percent more light than the other handsets in its class.
Blinkfeed – Also being referred to as Generation feed, it is designed to give you instant updates and news feeds at any time of the day or night.
HTC Zoe – A new image sense system that captures a 3 second picture to give the feel of an animated picture.

The other area HTC has upgraded in a big way is the music experience, and in two relatively large ways. The first is the music player itself, which now comes with lyrics where available, and an all-new visualizer to let you play the music on a desk or dock. For information visit

With HTC One, the company has come up with a unique design and numerous upgrades to give fierce competition to its rivals like Iphone5 and Sony’s Xperia Z. It is praiseworthy that HTC has still managed to bring new innovations in things like user interface and camera functionality. HTC One – the new flagship smartphone is definitely going to create an interest for itself in this competitive smartphone market.

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