Cell Phones: An Inevitable Invention !

Everybody these days seem to be possessive about their handy little gadgets often termed as cell phones. The statistics say that there are almost four billion cell phone users across the globe and this number is getting multiplied every year. These Lilliputian gadgets offer us a great possible option to stay connected with rest of the world via emails, instant messaging and many more options, even if we are engaged with our busy schedules. Not only are they beneficial at a personal level but also they are a considerable source of benefits for business too. But gradually it is becoming more and more and difficult for middle and low income families to afford a cell phone as the prices for everything keeps rising, right from basic amenities to luxurious items.

To overcome this problem, the government of the US launched a program named Lifeline which is often referred to as the Free Cell Phone Program. Under this plan, wireless service providers are able to make cell phones available to those who qualify as per the government’s rules and regulations, at no rate and even provide a free cell phone handset. This service can be availed in states of Maryland, Iowa, Missouri, West Virginia, Colorado, Washington, Texas, Nevada, Kansas, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Michigan, Arkansas and all other states across the country.

In order to enjoy free government cell phone service, all you need to do is spare a few minutes and fill out an application form. In some states you’ll need to submit proof of your eligibility like a copy of your SNAP or Medicaid card, or an award letter from some government assistance program. Once that is done you need to wait for few days to get the phone and service delivered to your doorstep. To get this Free Cell Phone plan you should be enrolled in any government assistance program such as Food Stamps, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance (section 8), Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch Program. You can also qualify if you are on Tribal land or based on your low household income. With no hidden costs and no deposits this has actually aided many families to afford a cell phone, which was not feasible otherwise.

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