7 Incredible Features that Only Apple iPhone 5s Offers

A Growing population of iPhone lovers makes Apple the best and the most preferred IT source. After Samsung & Nokia, Apple is considered the World’s 2nd largest IT Company. Whenever we talk about Apple, the first thing that strikes our mind is its remarkable product – iPhone. Every year, Apple comes up with great innovations in the form of its latest version of its iPhone series. The iPhone 5s is an amazing creation that has once again turned heads towards Apple and proved its superiority. Let’s have a look at the amazing features of Apple’s 7th generation Smartphone, dubbed iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5s – Features that stand out

  1. iPhone 5s is the first Smartphone powered by A7 chip with a 64-bit architecture. This A7 chip delivers CPU and graphics performance up to 2 times faster than the A6 Chip that powered the iPhone 5. Moreover, the A7 Chip supports OpenGL ES version 3.0 to deliver complex visual effects.

  2. iPhone 5s’ 64-bit processor has amazing computing power and it delivers a great effect on tasks such as photo and video loading. Unlike iPhone 5, the iPhone 5s is quick to perform every task such as loading music and movies in iTunes or processing iMovie and GarageBand files.

  3. Unlike previous iPhone models, iPhone 5s’s camera houses a large aperture, image sensors, automatic image stabilization, and dual-flash LEDs for improved color effects.

  4. With a tap feature, users can make video calls from their iPhone 5s handsets to another FaceTime enabled iPhone or any other device. Users can share some good talks with friends with the FaceTime video call functionality.

  5. iPhone 5s has a striking exterior and is available in three eye-grabbing colors: gold, silver, and space gray. It is also unbelievably thin and light.

  6. Using patterns and passcodes each time slow you down. The newly introduced feature, “Fingerprint”, in iPhone 5s allows you to check your iPhone dozens and dozens of times a day very quickly by using your fingerprint to access it.

  7. This 7th generation Smartphone – iPhone 5s has 13 LTE bands which is more than any other Smartphone. These LTE bands allow users to get fast download and upload speeds no matter where they are in any corner of the World.

For more information, read here http://www.apple.com/iphone-5s/features/

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