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Order Free Cell Phone Service

Order Free Cell Phone Service

To get your free wireless plan and free handset:

1. Click on your state below.
2. From your state's page, click on the "Order" button and fill out the on-line application.
3. Provide us with any required documentation.

Be sure to read the requirements below before proceeding.

Requirements to get the Government Subsidy

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The service is free because it is subsidized by a federal program called Lifeline. Find out more about the Lifeline Program here or its qualifications here.

To get your free service, we need three things as part of your application, as directed by the FCC.

  1. Lifeline Certification Form
  2. Proof of Eligibility
  3. Proof of Identity

The Lifeline Certification Form is completed as part of the on-line application process. If you order your Lifeline service with us on-line by following the state links above, you will have submitted the required certification form as part of that order process.
If you order your service over the phone by calling our sales department, we will need to receive a completed Lifeline form from you before we can process your order. You can complete the Lifeline form here on our website after placing your order by following the "Lifeline Forms" link found in the top navigation bar of this website.


The required Proof of Eligibility is any documentation that shows us you are eligible for Lifeline benefits. The type of proof is dependant on how you are qualified. If you are qualifying based on your participation in an assistance program (such as SSI, Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc), you will need to provide a copy of a document or card showing that you are receiving benefits from that program (see acceptable forms of proof here)
If you are qualifying based on your household income level, you will need to show documentation of your household income (see acceptable forms of proof of income here)

Proof of Identity can be any state issued ID or drivers license, military ID, or other official means of identification that shows your picture, name, address, and birth date.

Your proof and identification can be a copy, scan, fax, or hi-res photo of the acceptable document. You can get that to us using email, fax, text, upload, or mail. Return to our website after placing your order and follow the "Submit Proof" link in the navigation tabs at the top of this page.

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