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Documentation for Proof of Income Eligibility

To prove that you are eligible to get Lifeline because of your low income situation, you'll need to present documention described below. The documents should be from all wage earners in your household.

Types of income proof are:

  • A decree of divorce, award of child support, or another financial statement that contains information regarding income. Must cover a minimum of 3 months consecutive.
  • Federal tax return or state, or Tribal
  • Pay check stubs for the current year from an employer
  • Income statements covering a min. of 3 consecutive months
  • Retirement / Pension stmt of benefits
  • VA statement of benefits
  • Social Security stmt of benefits
  • Unemployment stmt of benefits
  • Workman's Comp benefits stmt
  • Federal notice letter or Tribal notice letter of participation General Assistance

If the statements of income provided fails to span an entire year, like pay check stubs, you'll need to show 3 consecutive of the same kind of documentation within the calendar year.

The cellular phone provider of Lifeline services destroys any documents that you provide to show proof of the income of your household.

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Lifeline Eligibility

If you're not in on one of the qualifying programs, you can still be qualified for Lifeline because of your household's income. Qualifying based on household income requires you to present proof of your income. Any of the items listed on the here (see the column to the left) may be used for proof.

For the purpose of participating in the Lifeline program, the FCC defines household as people or groups of people living at the same address together as a single economic unit.
An economic unit would be all adults who share expenses and contribute to the household income.

You can also qualify for Lifeline benefits if you are enrolled in a qualifying government program.