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Terms and Conditions

Expert Choice Cellular (Company) is an Independant Sales Organization that sells the products and services for local phone companies known as Competitive Local Exchange Carriers as well as Wireless service providers. Listed here are the terms that constitute constitute the agreement between the Company and the visitor / customer using this site and/or specified in the account information connected with the customer's acquisition of products or services from the Company.

Customer Service

We provide sales and customer service over the phone during the hours of 8am to 5pm Central time, Monday through Friday, subject to change. Once the sale has been initiated by us, customer support is handled by the chosen provider. Contact information for the customers provider is given during the sales process in most cases and is always available on our website.

Products and Services

We provide information about the availablility, pricing, and terms of many different services and products including but not limited to Cellular service, home phone service, Cable TV, Internet, and Electricity over the phone and on our websites. We can also apply for any of those services for the customer directly to the provider.

Service Providers

We provide information about a number of service providers for the purpose of comparing price, availability, and terms. We represent a number of these providers but do not sell for all available providers, nor do we have information on all providers.

Terms and Conditions for Service Providers

Our terms and conditions do not include those of the providers supplying the service to the customer. The customer should be aware of the terms of the provider they have selected. Provider's terms and conditions are available on their website.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions without notice as needed.

Customer's Acceptance of These Terms of Service

The customer agrees to accept these Terms of Service upon placing an order for service through us. Submitting information to us in order to receive a product or service from a provider that we represent is considered to be "placing an order".